Consecutive interpreting

We provide our consecutive interpreters for smaller scale events with a maximum of 50 participants, such as press conferences, product presentations, prize awards, visits, official receptions, interviews and business meetings. As experienced language mediators, they ensure uncomplicated communication and stand by your side as reliable partners.


What does consecutive interpreting mean?

In consecutive interpreting, the speakers make pauses in which the interpreter translates what has just been said. This modality is normally used at smaller events. The interpreter often acts as a mediator here too, who bridges cultural differences, thus making a decisive contribution towards ensuring that communication is successful. This applies in particular to negotiations at which the interpreter can control the discussion as an active partner and lead the negotiations to a successful conclusion.

No technology is required with consecutive interpreting but it should be taken into account that the duration of an event is extended by at least 25 – 30% because of the interpreting.


Our services:

  • Interpreters for press conferences
  • Interpreters for product presentations
  • Interpreters for prize awards
  • Interpreters for visits
  • Interpreters for business meetings and negotiations
  • Interpreters for official receptions
  • Sworn Interpreters


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