Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting service for conferences and congresses

If you are planning a congress or international conference in Spain, EURO-TEXT will put together suitable conference interpreter teams for you and provide the necessary conference technology for your event.

As your point of contact, a project manager is appointed to look after every single detail, from the offer to the planning and preparation, make-up of the interpreter teams, provision of technology and on-site deployment.

We collaborate with conference organizers, congress centres, hotels, firms and public sector clients and provide a reliable interpreting service for meetings, congresses, press conferences and trade fairs.


What does simultaneous interpreting mean?

With simultaneous interpreting, the speaker’s words are translated into other languages in real time with hardly any time delay. This means that the participants can listen to the interpretation of a speech that is being delivered in another language through headphones with a delay of only a few seconds.

Simultaneous interpreters work in soundproofed interpreters’ booths. One booth is required per language, with two interpreters who alternate every 15-20 minutes, always working in each booth. The audience listen to the interpretation through headphones but are also at liberty to listen to the speech in the original language at any time.

With simultaneous interpreting, it is possible to reproduce the original speech in several other languages at the same. To do so requires special interpreting technology which we would be pleased to provide you with. The interpreting technology is connected to the loudspeaker system in the function room. A sound technician ensures perfect reception during the event.

Although simultaneous interpreters are used mainly at large-scale conferences and congresses, they are also required when several languages are involved. As there is virtually no time loss, this modality is most frequently used.


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We would be pleased to advise you on all aspects of interpreting in German or English while you are planning your event.

Our services:

  • Interpreters for international conferences and congresses
  • Interpreters for press conferences
  • Interpreters for product presentations
  • Interpreters for radio and television broadcasts
  • Sign language interpreters (Spanish)
  • Interpreting systems and technicians
  • Subtitles for people with impaired hearing

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