Specialized translations in the fields of press and marketing

We translate your marketing and press texts into several languages quickly and reliably.

We put together a team of specialist translators and proofreaders coordinated by a project manager for every project and every language combination. All of our translators work simultaneously in remote mode in our translation server. All of our team members have glossaries and other resources at their disposal because the consistent and controlled use of specialized terminology is of decisive significance, especially in technical translations.  To this end, our translators have access to glossaries, terminology databases and previous translations for the same client in the form of translation memories. With the help of our translation software, previous translations can be located quickly and the identical passages reused, thus speeding up the translation process and reducing costs.

We translate documentation and multimedia content quickly and reliably. Here are a few examples:

  • Press releases
  • Image folders
  • Company journals and magazines
  • Lifestyle magazines
  • Folders and product catalogues
  • Trade fair communication (websites, press releases, invitations, press dossiers, etc.)
  • Tourism marketing
  • Marketing material for museums, exhibition catalogues, audio guides
  • Company videos
  • Presentations
  • Brand manuals
  • Websites

You will find more information on completed projects in our “Projects” section.

Our services:

  • Quick and reliable translation of your documentation by qualified specialist translators (native speakers).
  • Creation and maintenance of translation memories to improve the quality of the translation and shorten delivery times.
  • As we can process virtually all formats with our translation software, there is no need for the time-consuming copying of source texts into Word or Excel!
  • Short delivery deadlines