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Translation of websites

The translation and localization of websites involve special technical requirements. When processing web-specific file formats, it must be ensured that all encodings are retained. When editing with word processing programs, these encodings often get lost with the result that elaborate revision is required.

EURO:TEXT uses special translation tools which ensure that all encodings and formats in the original text are retained without alteration, which means that the translations can be re-imported without any additional effort. We will also upload translations directly to your website on request. By means of a final online check, we ensure that all translations are in the right place in the right format.

If your website contains videos, we recommend that you have them subtitled or synchronized. We have specialists in our team for this purpose too. More information 

Our services:

  • Analysis and download when necessary
  • Offer
  • Translation/localization
  • Uploading of translations onto the website
  • Online check

We will also translate your entire website online on request!

You will find more information on completed projects in our “Projects” section.