Videos and Audio guides

 Subtitling and translation of videos

We offer the subtitling and translation of videos for your company or internet presentation. With a view towards barrier-free accessibility, we also offer subtitling for people with impaired hearing. It goes without saying here that we comply with the applicable standards and client’s specifications.

We translate narrators’ texts (voiceover texts) under precise consideration of the length of the text for subsequent synchronization.

You can multiply your target audience through subtitling or synchronization. EURO:TEXT would be pleased to support you in this.

Our services:

  • Audio/video transcription
  • Subtitles in other languages
  • Subtitles for people with impaired hearing
  • Script translation and translation of narrators’ texts (voiceovers)




Translation of audio guides

We translate audio guides for guided tours, museums and exhibitions. The most important aspects of this type of translation are the correct translation of the specialized terminology, as well as cultural and historical references. It is also very important that the texts are concise and easy to understand so that they can be fully grasped and comprehended at one hearing. Technicisms and complex sentence structures should therefore be avoided.

Our services:

  • Translation and adaptation of audio guides in various languages