WordPress, one of the most common CMS, is very powerful software which allows you to set up an attractive website to present your products and services in a single language. However, this is only the first step in the global marketing process. You could well be missing out on hundreds of potential markets and possibly millions of potential customers by not offering your content in other languages. The WPML plugin is the ideal tool for translating your website quickly and easily into any language(s) you need, without time-consuming layout work, as well as managing your multilingual content safely and conveniently.

Yet technology is not everything. In just a few seconds, a translation error or misleading machine translation could cost you the reputation you may have spent months building up. In order to create appealing and convincing content in the target language(s), you need expert translators, who not only have language skills, but also expertise in the specific subject matter, using their extensive experience and knowledge to add value to every word. WPML provides you with a direct link to the EURO-TEXT team. From there on, simply leave the rest to us.

With WPML, all you have to do is select the content you wish to translate and send them to EURO-TEXT. We will then translate it into the languages you require and deliver it back to your CMS – with exactly the same layout as the source content. No more copy and paste of texts, no more tedious layout re-work. WPML and EURO-TEXT will make life easy for you, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Below you will find a short description of the translation process with WPML and EURO-TEXT. For detailed information on procedures and features, please check out the dedicated Documentation page and our Support Forum.


Preliminary steps

In order to send us content for translation, you need to have at least the following plugins installed on your WordPress website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS – the basic plugin which allows you to manage multilingual content
  • WPML Translation Management – this plugin enables you to connect with EURO-TEXT, send us translation files and receive the translated text


Getting started

First go to WPML > Translation Management in your WPML software and click on the Translation Services tab. Find EURO-TEXT and click on Activate.

If you do not have an account with EURO-TEXT, you need to register with us in order to obtain an API token.

Please fill in the token request form. We will send you a token immediately.


Token request form

    Once you have received your API token, open the Translation Services tab on the WPML > Translation Management page, and enter the token to authenticate your account with EURO-TEXT.

    Your WP website is now connected to your EURO-TEXT account. You are ready to send us content for translation.

    Request a quote

    In your WPML plugin, select the content and target languages you wish it to be translated into and send us the pages. We will immediately carry out a thorough analysis and send you a detailed translation quote, indicating the terms and conditions. As soon as you give your authorisation, we will start the translation procedure.

    Once the work is finished, we will send you the translated files. You can choose between 2 pickup modes to receive the translations. In order to indicate your preference, go to WPML > Settings, scroll down to the Translation pickup mode section and select the mode you prefer.

    If you select automatic delivery mode, the translations will be uploaded automatically onto your website following completion.

    If you select the manual pick-up mode, the finished translations can be retrieved from WPML > Translation Management by clicking on the “Check status and get translations” button.


    You can check on the status of a translation process at any time. Just go to WPML > Translation Management > Translation Dashboard.


    For more detailed information on procedures and features, please check out the dedicated Documentation page and our Support Forum.