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To give you a more precise insight into our work and abilities, we would like to present a few projects that we have completed.

Type of project: Terminology administration

Client: Lab furniture manufacturer

Our client, a lab furniture manufacturer of international renown, publishes a product catalogue in six languages every year. In addition to this, extensive technical documentation and marketing material is kept in the six working languages. To facilitate the work of the (external) translators and (internal) proofreaders, the company terminology had to be compiled in six languages and translated.

As a translation partner of many years’ standing, we were entrusted with this task in which the valuable preliminary work done by the client and the documentation we had kept on file from previous translations was a great help. The client had already compiled a product database containing all products and accessories, from a complete laboratory cabinet to various types of screw. We had maintained a translation memory containing the complete translation of the catalogue along with a Termbase with the most important technical terms.

On the basis of this data, we were able to compile the terminology in the form of a glossary. The translators then verified and supplemented the draft translations before the terminology was checked by the staff at the client’s foreign branch offices who requested several changes. The final version was then approved for release and is now available to all staff.

The client was very pleased with the outcome because the standardization of the company’s terminology contributes towards the avoidance of errors. The compilation, translation and proofreading of documentation can now be done more efficiently and therefore at a more favourable price.

Type of project: Translation of press releases

Client: Trade fair organizer

After successfully participating in a selection process, we were commissioned with the translation of the press releases for several trade fairs from German into English and Spanish. Although the fairs themselves only take place once a year, the press and marketing activities extend continuously over the whole year.

As press releases have to be translated very shortly after the originals are released, we put together a team of translators and proofreaders for this purpose. A dedicated translation memory and related Termbase are important tools for the translators and proofreaders. With very urgent translations, several translators can work on our server simultaneously in remote mode, thus considerably shortening the processing time. Coherence is nevertheless guaranteed as everyone involved in the project can access their colleagues’ translations in real time. The entire text is then proofread from beginning to end in the subsequent correction phase so that the final version is 100% ready for publication.

The feedback up to now has been very positive and the client particularly appreciates the punctual delivery and good quality of the translations.

Type of project: Translation of a customer magazine

Client: 5-star hotel

We received an order from a famous 5-star hotel in a popular holiday region in Spain to translate a customer magazine.

The high-gloss colour magazine contained information on the hotel and its facilities and services, as well as lifestyle articles and leisure offers. The contributions covered a wide range of topics, from an interview with the hotel director on the future of tourism to restaurant tips and an article on golf courses.

Translations of this kind can pose a real challenge, because the goal is not only to find a correct and precise translation of the wording of the original text but also the perfect editorial interpretation. This isn’t always easy, because puns and idioms often have to be adapted. More than anything else, headings have to be “reinvented” because they cannot be translated 1:1. It is often the case that when something looks particularly easy, it involves a lot of hard work. The pleasure of achieving a good result is the greatest reward, however!

Our translation was positively received and the first issue has now been made available to the hotel guests. We wish them pleasant reading!

Type of project: Translation of a company video

Client: Trade group

The Spanish section of an international trade group wanted a presentation video translated from English into Spanish, initially with subtitles.

During the analysis of the video, however, we established that the quantity of text was so large that subtitling would have involved considerable abridging, because reading speed is much slower than listening speed. If there is a lot of very fast speech in a video, it is inevitable that some of the information gets lost when the subtitles are added. To avoid this, we recommended to the client that the text be translated before synchronizing the video.

This suggestion convinced the client. As no script was available, we had to transcribe the text to begin with. The translation for voiceover synchronization must be adapted in such a way that the duration of speech in the target language is slightly shorter than in the original so that the original language can be heard briefly at the beginning and end of the voiceover. The synchronized spoken text now relates the content of the original in full. The client was very pleased with the results. If you would like to convince yourself too, just click on the link: