Special file formats

 Translation of DTP files, e-books, e-learning material, websites, software, apps etc.

 Our translation software supports many different file formats so that we can also process DTP files, e-books, e-learning material, websites, software programs, apps etc. This means that time-consuming conversion or even the copying of texts is no longer necessary and that the finished translations can be re-imported quickly into each application at a low cost.       

Here is a list of the supported file formats:

 Word processing programs, presentations, DTP formats and auxiliary files:

  • Adobe Framemaker™ (.MIF)
  • Adobe InCopy™
  • Adobe InDesign™ (.INDD, .INX, IDML)
  • Adobe PhotoShop™ (.PSD
  • AuthorIT (.XML)
  • DITA (.DITA, .XML)
  • FreeMind mind maps (.MM)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), incl. HTML5
  • Microsoft Word™ 2003 (.DOC, .RTF, .BAK, .DOT) y 2007-2013 (.DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel™ 2003 (.XLS, .XML, .XLT) y 2007-2013 (.XLSX, .XLSM)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2003 (.PPT, .PPS, .POT) y 2007-2013 (.PPTX, .PPSX, .POTX, .SLDX)
  • Microsoft Visio™ (.VDX)
  • MS Help™ Workshop (.HHC, .HHK)
  • OpenOffice Textfiles (.ODT, .ODF)
  • Plain text (.TXT, .INF, .INI, .REG)
  • Rich Text Format™ (.RTF, two-column .RTF files)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
  • TMX filter
  • Typo3 pages (.XML)
  • XML (.XML)
  • YAML

Software localization / websites

  • .NET resource files (.RESX)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HMT, .SHT), incl. HTML5
  • Java properties
  • JSON
  • PO Gettext files (.PO)
  • Regex text filter

Please feel free to talk to us if you require a different format.